At First Farmers Coop we strive be the leader in Livestock Equipment. We carry all the major brands such as Priefert, WW, Apache, and Kodiak to meet your needs from bush-hogging the farm to handling your cattle. Not only can you get these equipment pieces but, you can get those specialty items that might be needed on the farm. Let one of our team members meet with you and discuss your wants and needs.


The proper balance of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals in diets is needed to make a successful nutrition program that is both productive and economical. From a 50 pound bag of feed or mineral, or a 22 ton load of feed delivered to your bin on the farm let First Farmers help you find the right feeds and minerals to make your nutrition program successful. 


 First Farmers stock products that keep livestock and companion animals healthy, productive and happy. Come in and let us help you find what you need. 


At First Farmers we can help you find not only Feed, but everything your horses need. From the regular necessities of daily feed and water buckets to those specialty show supplies, we are your one stop shop for all of your equine supplies.


Man’s best friend is always welcome in First Farmers Co-op. For the pets, Co-op has everything to get prepared for bringing your new pet home. We have dog kennels, dog houses, crates, pet beds, Pet Porters, automatic feeders and pet dishes. To outfit your pets, Co-op has a wide selection of collars, leashes, dog jackets, and we even make name tags for your pets. Treats and toys are always in stock for rewarding your pets. We have sizes and styles to accommodate any sized pet. Pet health products are available for deworming and vaccinating needs.

Livestock Team


Getting the Most From Poor Quality Hay

Getting the Most From Poor Quality Hay

Stored hay tends to form the base of our winter beef cattle feeding programs in Tennessee.  While considered a necessary commodity, increasing input costs make it an expensive one...

Jan 20, 2020
Cattle Supplement Tubs

Cattle Supplement Tubs

In recent years lick tubs have become an increasingly popular method for beef producers to supplement their herds.  The convenience of a concentrated, self-fed source of nutrition...

Jan 13, 2020
Winter Supplements for Beef Cattle

Winter Supplements for Beef Cattle

Winter is in full swing and now is the time to make sure your feeding program has your herd prepared for the upcoming calving season.  Intelligent decisions now can have a...

Jan 06, 2020
Care of newborn lambs

Care of newborn lambs

Nearly 20 percent of lambs die before weaning. Eighty percent of those losses occur during the first 10 days. Good baby lamb care can significantly increase the number of lambs raised...

Dec 30, 2019