What to expect

What to expect from First Farmers Cooperative

  • Co-op team members working together with growers to ensure success
  • Seed recommendations, based on growers’ preferences, that rely on superior genetics, desired traits, and seed treatment to maximize yield and profit
  • Well trained and experienced seed treatment applicators
  • State-of-the-art seed treatment technology
  • Timely delivery solutions to ensure you have your seed when you need it.
  • Prescription services as needed


First Farmers Cooperative offers the right seed to help you maximize the potential every acre. We will work with you to match your desired traits with superior genetics featuring the latest technology. We offer varieties from all the major seed manufacturers, and we will work with you to match your choice with the characteristics of your farm to maximize your yield potential.  We stay abreast of the varieties that perform best in our trade area and will gladly share this information as we work together to ensure your success.

Crop Nutrients

First Farmers Cooperative maintains a fleet of modern, well-kept equipment featuring the latest technology to meet your crop nutrient needs. From the initial soil sample to the season's last application of fertilizer, First Farmers offers timely and efficient application of crop nutrients. Our facilities offer the capacity to service any size farming operation. We provide bulk fertilizer, liquid nitrogen, micronutrients, and in season foliar fertilizers, coupled with reliable application services. Our experienced applicators and the latest technology in our equipment allow us to offer accurate and reliable variable rate application services. If you have your own equipment, we can work with you to ensure timely delivery of fertilizer. Let us help you with your crop nutrient needs.

Crop Protection

We offer a full line of crop protection products from the major chemical manufacturers, including Winfield United. We strive to provide the crop protection products and adjuvants to ensure the health of your crop throughout the growing season. Whatever your crop protection needs, we can help you maximize your crop’s potential.


Rising fertilizer cost have made variable rate nutrient application a vital component in a profitable farming operation. First Farmers combines GPS technology with electronic control systems on our application equipment to provide “on-the-go” changes in rate and product. The grower only gets what the soil calls for in their management zones, reducing wasted nutrients and maximizing the fertilizer dollar.

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